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Progress report…

December 11th, 2012

I’m making progress on Dancing the Maypole. This evening I finished the second edit of chapter 33. A picture is worth about 100,000 words…

Chapter one through thirty-three...seventeen to go!

Chapter one through thirty-three...only seventeen to go!

The first edit was me going through the whole book with the new editing software (as well as re-writing). Then the Goblin goes through each chapter with red, blue and green pens. The second edit for the first few chapters took days (weeks?). It’s all a hellish blur! For the first month of editing I was working six days a week, but the Goblin (seeing I was starting to lose the plot) counseled me to take the whole weekend off. It helps to have a rest! This gives me time to day dream about other stories, draw, take pictures or watch a movie. The last seventeen chapters shouldn’t take so long.

Some of my favorite shots from my last couple of walks… Read more…

Dancing the Maypole, I've been taking photographs