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Memories collide at The 24 hour Church of Elvis…

April 6th, 2009
The 24 Hour Church of Elvis

The 24 Hour Church of Elvis

After leaving High School I moved to Portland, Oregon to study fashion design. I actually graduated (I understand only about six of us did), but I haven’t yet used my degree unless you count my time in a costume shop where after three Halloweens my love of dressing up was savaged into oblivion. I never expected to start my fashion design company until I was in my 40’s so techincally you could say I’m still on target…unless I fall on my head and forget I’m a designer or I die before I can prove to the world I’m as good as I think I am. Yes, my teachers loved me! Can you feel the sarcasm? During my second year we had to find and serve a short internship with an actual fashion design company. I dreaded the whole idea of finding a place so I put it off until one day I turned down this small lane I’d never walked down before Read more…

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