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I’m going to the ugly bug ball…

September 9th, 2010 Comments off

I have this memory of being about three or four and sitting on the floor listening to records on a small cheap record player (records that had belonged to my mother when she was a small child). The records were small, only one song per side, and pressed from clear plastic in bright pretty colours. One of my favorite was The Little White Duck. I believe the version was the one by Burl Ives made in the mid fifties. Whenever I think of the song I can almost feel summer sunlight from that long ago day coming in the open door. On a whim I looked it up on itunes and there it was. I had to buy it! While I was looking around I found two other songs by Burl Ives that you can’t hear and not want to dance. If you’re feeling low or need a reason to get out of bed, I recommend The Donut Song! “…as you go through life make this your goal…watch the donut not the hole!” If that doesn’t make you dance try The Ugly Bug Ball. I dare you to listen to it all the way through…and then again and NOT start dancing. These are supposedly children songs, but they’re so clever. The Ugly Bug Ball somehow encapsulates the fifties…the musical refrain is genius. It brought to mind movies of fifty poser-philosophy students dressed in black berets (though this could be a personal psychosis). You know what I’ll be doing tomorrow (when I’m not writing)…cha cha cha…spin…wave arms singing along…who cares how dumb I look…no one can see…cha cha cha…spin…don’t pull a muscle…cha cha cha…I think I feel like reading some philosphy…cha cha cha…spin again…wave the arms some more…love it!

Now I really need to go to bed…if I can stop dancing…

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