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A Morning Walk with the Goblin

April 24th, 2010 3 comments
Burghley Park with sheep

Burghley Park and resident sheep

This morning I was actually up, fed and dressed by 9:30 so when the Goblin suggested a gentle walk in the park I put my new camera in my pocket and we trundled over to Burghley Park. It’s private property, but they open it to the public for most of the day which is lovely, but some of the public are idiots. The private road through the park is paved, but there was a new sign saying no vehicles alowed. We parked up and started walking and within a few minutes there was a roaring enguine behind us disturbing the peace and we had to jump off the road to avoid being hit by a car driven by a smiling old woman. If she thought she’d get through the park she was disapointed; the car gate was locked and she came roaring back past us still smiling. After that we left the paved road and wandered over to see the lambs, but they were on the other side of the field because another idiot family had taken their small dogs into the penned off area and let the dogs off their leads. You have to wonder about some people. Hello? Anyone home? No? Why am I not suprised! Anyway, the lambs had had enough of people and were too far away so I suggested it was a good time to take some family photos of me and the Goblin. We haven’t had a joint picture for years so I told the Goblin, “I want a nice picture of us. Don’t make any stupid faces!” That was a waste of breath… Read more…

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A beautiful yellow day…

April 21st, 2010 3 comments
My kitchen window this morning

My kitchen window this morning

Some days are just beautiful. Yesterday I finished chapter 30 of Once Upon a Wager and started 31. I think I only have about four chapter to go…I know I keep saying that, but this time I think it’s true. I can see the way to the heart of the maze and it feels so good. I woke at four-thirty this morning and couldn’t fall back to sleep so I got up and read the news, but after the Goblin left for work I went back downstairs to make my breakfast listening to U2’s Electrico (the live version from Sunday Bloody Sunday) feeling like dancing…maybe I was dancing…it’s a blur. When I stepped into the kitchen I was entranced by the light coming in the window over the tulips my friend Anita gave me last Wednesday. Read more…