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Cough Cough…getting better!

February 28th, 2009 1 comment

I’m still recovering from an evil head/chest cold. For most of the last week and a half I’ve done nothing beyond sit here (I literally sat at my desk for nearly three days straight because I couldn’t lay down without drowning in my flem). So I sat here and read The Daily Telegraph and other online newspapers and visited numerous blogs where I’m afraid I left insane ramblings. So if you come to this blog out of curiosity to know what sort of psycho I am…I’m completely normal I assure you!

So I’m getting better which means my rationality is returning…yes I am rational. What? You don’t believe me? I assure I’m very logical, at least to me! Just because my professor in that Pascal logic class I took at University (because my friend told me it was easy) after he graded my final test he looked at me with a blank expression and told me he hoped I wasn’t planning on becoming a Logician – this doesn’t mean I’m illogical! Read more…

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Lost Stories at the V&A

February 11th, 2009 8 comments

The Victoria and Albert museum has about seven miles of exhibition rooms crammed with beautiful stuff from all ages and corners of the globe. I can’t imagine anyone being able to see the whole thing in week let alone a day. My visits have been kept fairly short. After about two hours in any museum I start having sensory overload. My eyes start to bug out and images start to swirl into meaningless blotches of painful shapes and colours. Six hours in the V&A and I’d be done for! Can you imagine some poor security guard finding me passed out, spread eagle like some dazed votary infront of a naked Celtic warrior. Have you ever seen the sculpture, “The Fallen Gaul”? I don’t know if the V&A has a copy, but it’s one of my favorite…yes he’s naked and has a wee too much facial hair, but he’s so lovely…even if he is dying. Read more…

Do you think he looks like Strathmore or Lyndhurst?

February 4th, 2009 6 comments

If you’ve read my free story Lucky in Love and you enjoyed The Duke of Strathmore or my other stories with his cousin The Duke of Lyndhurst you might find this interesting. I thought I’d watch a Miss Marple mystery while eating my dinner (I worked all day on Dancing the Maypole…I’m nearly done with chapter 14). So I went onto Youtube and realised I couldn’t remember how The Moving Finger ended so I clicked on the new version of it with Geraldine McEwan. If like me you’re a die hard Joan Hickson as Miss Marple fan the new versions aren’t as good, but they’re not bad.

It started and after awhile I realised I knew the face of the man playing the narator. If you’ve never heard of James D’arcy he’s a really good English actor. Read more…