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At last, some progress…

May 26th, 2011 Comments off

I’ve been banging my head against the proverbial brick wall trying to figure out why I was stuck in Dancing the Maypole like a cow in quick sand, but all that head banging and primal screaming has finally paid off. I’ve come unstuck. I had to go back into chapter 37 to change and add some things. Tomorrow I restart on chapter 38. Dancing the Maypole now has 99,097 words. It will need a few more chapters so it will be my longest book to date.

We moved house in April and I unwittingly damaged the nerves in my arms washing windows and walls and gardening. I think I sprained my thumb as well (it still hurts when I put weight on it though it doesn’t mind typing) so I prescribed myself several weeks of inactivity to let my arms heal (no I didn’t go to the doctors – I have to think I’m going to die horribly if don’t before I do). So my hands were going numb if I raised my arms to just scratch my nose, wash my hair, type, eat…so it really freaked me out, but they’re now almost back to their normal state. I worked four years in an ice cream store and damaged my right arm (at least I’m assuming it was scooping all that rock hard ice cream – it couldn’t have been eating it). Anyway, I’m writing and mentally feeling really good. I’ve been going for walks and taking lots of pictures. I was very excited to finally find my first hemlock. After checking to make sure it was hemlock, the next time I went for a walk down the road I swear I spied enough of the stuff to kill half of Lincolnshire…not that I plan to kill anyone… I’ll share some photos when the stupid computer isn’t acting like it just ran a marathon.

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