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November 17th, 2012 1 comment

I’ve been grinding my brain on the editor’s stone (I’m closer to being done – not long to go). I’veĀ  been holed up in my work room for weeks, but I have escaped a few times with the camera. I found a few shots I thought were lovely so I had to share. I’ve been fascinated by leaves. I collected a few with the intention of coating them with nail polish (it actually works) to make into an ephemeral broach (glue a light broach pin on the back et voila!). But I’ve been making myself edit instead. If you have a leaf, a polish with gold flecks works a treat! Here are some of my favorite recent shots… Read more…

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What will your desktopography be…?

November 6th, 2012 Comments off

I just discovered this website called desktopography. I assume there was a competition and artists from all over the world entered their work. These are works of art that you can download for free as computer wallpaper. I don’t like all of them, but most of them are visually WOW! They’re picture-stories…like illustrated covers from fantasy book covers (only more amazing!). I’d buy a number of these as posters. I’m going to download the moonscape with the balloon-ship…it’s so magical. I love it!

I will of course get some work done today. Dancing the Maypole is getting a mega-edit. I edit, then the Goblin prints off a chapter and takes out his red pen and scribbles all over my story, and then I mega-edit. Last week I made the mistake of adding a few words at the beginning of a chapter and the next thing I knew I was drowning in ripples of changes affecting numerous chapters. I’ll reach the finish line eventually. I’ll be that weird woman dressed in out of date lycra crawling on her hands and knees the last few yards, but I’ll get there. I keep catching colds which is slowing me down, but (when I’m not staring at my wallpaper) I’ll be sanding away at my latest story!

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