Spring Cometh…

March 15th, 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments

The sun shone down on England today…at least the part where I live. It felt so good sitting outside, even with a slight cool breeze. We’re expecting a return to rain or something dreary in the near future, but today was glorious. After lunch the Goblin suggested we drive over to the Garden center and have a look at the fish (I’ve been wanting to see the fish in the little aquatic center – I think fish are cute). I warned the Goblin in advance that I was planning to take photos of the fish, so he barely grimaced (before disappearing down another aisle)  when I took out my phone. I enjoyed seeing the fish, though I have to admit the way they were staring at me it made me wonder what they were thinking. I suspect something along the line of ‘What is that creature? It’s ugly!’ I had to share my favorite photos from my little adventures. After the fish I made a detour pass the water fountains and found one I really liked. It just so happened the moss growing in the basin was the colour of my character, Theodora Sheffield’s, eyes. I had to include photos of the fountain! 🙂


I love how it looks like the fish plans to escape out the window! And I don’t think it’s too pleased to see me gawping so close. No doubt it was thinking, ‘What is that giant ugly creature?’

The cute little fountain that caught my eye…

Close up of the moss…the colour of Theodora’s eyes!

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