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A Trippy Trip-Hopping Song…

April 9th, 2014 Comments off

I was skimming through an online newspaper this morning and read an article about a first novel by a career politician which I had to look up on Amazon (because I’m a curious wench) and someone who gave it a one star sounded a bit snide so I looked up their other recommendations (to see what they actually liked to read) and there were no other books at all (which is suspect) but there was a five star review for a music album by the Amalgamation of Soundz which was described as Trip-hop electronic jazz (or something like that). Not having heard of Trip-hop (because I live in the Twilight Zone) I had to look up the band (it might be one guy playing ten instruments – I’ve no idea). The book wasn’t my cup of tea, but I bought a song and plan to buy more. I bought this one… Enchant me – here’s a link to Youtube – this is the radio version.

The original seven minute version is quite relaxing and works well on repeat (I like listening to songs that work on eternal repeat when I write). Music is very personal. If you don’t like it just roll your eyes at me. Just because the music makes me feel like I’m sitting in a Laundromat looking at old magazines as an extra in a B film devoid of plot or meaning (and enjoying it)…doesn’t mean you have to join me. You might have a laundry phobia. That would be uncomfortable! Perhaps that how Stench punks started? I used to live in a building with some. They were pleasant people – from an olfactory distance. However, if you like visiting Laundromats (even when you have no clothes to wash) feel free to join me in the movie!

Lately I’ve been obsessing over certain smells (imagine being in the grip of an overwhelming compulsion to search out a smell and inhale it and you’ll begin to understand – it’s bad!). I love the scent of an old clean Laundromat, but if I could have any smell in the universe (right now) I’d be inhaling the smell of a diesel school buss – the old ones with green plastic seats (there would be no other people on the bus – it would be full of red rubber balls). I’m sane (at least for a few more days). I’ve even been writing! It feels good.

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