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The First Day of November…

November 1st, 2016 No comments

The last few days my sense of time has been off, thanks to a virus that has afflicted me and my Goblin. Halloween is coming? Wait, It’s over? What? I keep thinking today is Saturday…it’s Tuesday! I roll my eyes at myself! However, I’m excited that it’s finally November because it’s time for ‘November Skies’ a song by Tomas Barfod (a Danish artist) – The woman who sings the song is Nina Kinert. If you’ve never heard it, it’s Electronic (the contrast between the crackly music and Kinert’s singing is striking – almost haunting). The link takes you to Youtube. I find it a great walking song, especially under grey skies. Makes me hope I’ll wake up  tomorrow to rain (not that I’ll be walking farther than the fridge to find my last cupcake…unless it disappears in the night).

When I’m not listening to music, staring at the wall or reading alien romances, I am hard at work…which at the moment consists of more editing. The Goblin has been telling me for years that I need to go over The Curse of Love (as it was one of my early books). So that’s what I’ve been working on at the moment. The edit has ended up heavier than I expected (chopping up of chapters, deleting bits, adding bits). I’m hoping to get it done soon so I can immerse myself in an unfinished story without the Goblin giving me the evil eye. I’ll send out a newsletter to let you know I’ve updated it.

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Once Upon a Wager is almost edited…

August 3rd, 2016 4 comments

Once Upon a Wager is almost through the second edit phase. I’m hoping it will be on line in another week, though it depends on how fast the Goblin works his magic. The editing process took longer than I expected. I started Once Upon a Wager eight years ago (working on it in-between other stories). Most of the last four years has been one stupid annoying health issue after another. I learned a lot about myself, like how I can’t write without a working brain.

After I finished the book, I had the feeling it had wrinkles that I couldn’t see (because it was written over such a long length of time). Thankfully the Goblin could see them. I’ve been metaphorically ironing for weeks. I enjoy ironing (yes I’m weird), but not day after day for weeks on end. There, lies madness and an aching arm.

At last I can see the end is near. I still haven’t figured out which story to focus on next. I have so many partly finished/started stories it’s like…do I eat this yummy chocolate or that yummy chocolate? I want to eat them all right now!

I’ll send out a newsletter to let you know (if you’re a member – don’t forget to update your e-mail address). If you’re not a member and you’d like to receive an e-mail letting you know it’s in the shops, just drop me a line and I’ll add you to the list.

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Who Needs Authentically Styled Regency Shoes? Who Doesn’t?

May 5th, 2015 4 comments

nankeen-regency-fabric-boot-01-340x340 For all of you Regency shoe lovers…I came across a website today where they sell Georgian authentically styled shoes. I now must get rich because I NEED to have pairs of ALL of them. Heavy sigh! These (pictured) nankeen Regency ankle boots are high high high on the list. They also come in black and another colour I can’t remember. If, like me, you dream of Regency shoes… Have a look at these beauties! The sold out red leather buckle shoes look as if they were conjured out of one of Fragonard’s paintings…Magical!

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Alive and Writing…

November 21st, 2014 Comments off

Most of the last year feels like a long strange blur spent reading other people’s stories. I have read A LOT of books in all sorts of genres. With my thyroid careening back and forth between under and over active I’ve been living in a creative wasteland. For most of the last six months I couldn’t watch Tv or movies because my brain couldn’t handle the moving images or follow the story lines (very irritating). Thankfully my brain could still read! Finally about a month ago my brain seems to have found an even keel and I’ve been writing again which feels really good. With luck I’ll even finish something in the not too distant future. That’s my goal! I’ll let you know when I’m close to sending a book out into the world. I can only hope it will be sooner than later (if only for my sanity). I have a backlog of characters and stories all clambering for attention. I need to get them thinned out before another crowd comes rushing in. Wish me luck!

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Interviewed by Romance Magicians…

March 19th, 2014 1 comment

I’ve been interview by the Romance Magicians! They don’t do tricks – they’re romance writers!

I came across the website back in 2009 and was enchanted by all the different personalities (they’re actually a Southern chapter of Romance Writers of America). It’s a lovely mix of published and waiting to be published writers who take turns writing blog posts and sharing their experiences and knowledge or latest novels. Read more…

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A New way to share my photos…

February 24th, 2014 Comments off

I did have a Flicker account (past tense), but I kept forgetting I had one (it really has been that sort of year) so that was money down a black hole. I’m now sharing favorite photos on 500. I don’t know why it’s called that, but I love the number five so it works for me. It’s super easy (and it has a good free version), so (if you’re interested) when I’m not sharing photos on my blog I’ll also be sharing photos there (you can see the photos as large as your screen which I love). Most so far are older ones, but I was in Stamford on Friday and I found some really magical shots by the river (or I should say reflected on the river – minor details). It was a long exhausting day, but it was gloriously sunny and I found a few books at my favorite bookshop (St Mary’s Books). They sell all sorts. Everything from cheap paperbacks to rare collectors items. I nearly fell over the book ladder, but I managed to retain my dignity (which is just as well as I was wearing a knee length skirt and purple tights).

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Christina Rossetti…

November 22nd, 2013 Comments off

I was researching an old book by E Beresford Chancellor (trying to find if anyone had read it before I spend money buying a copy) when I came across a new book out this year (I’ll have to get) titled “Literary Celebrity, Gender, and Victorian Authorship, 1850–1914” by Alexis Easley about literary tourism in the Victorian age and how that affected the wider culture. The page that popped up mentioned a poet named Christina Rossetti. My brain came to a stop as it tried to compute a female name before Rossetti (the famous painter Dante Gabriel who apparently was also a poet – I missed that somehow, but then he’s not one of my favorite artists). I had no idea he had a sister who was a famous poet. Being a curious wench, I had to look up her work. It’s very Victorian! For all curious people who love glimpses into the forgotten past I highly recommend her poem A Bird’s Eye View. I imagine the author (an aging spinster dressed in black silk – the stiff bombazine sighing with every slight movement) sat in some room made dark by heavy blood red velvet curtains half drawn; her corset holding her so rigidly straight only her head can bend down over the small desk holding her paper and ink well. How could she not write depressing poetry with a neck ache?

I’m now off to read more!

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Hello November…

November 1st, 2013 Comments off

Morning sunlight is burning through a passing patchy blanket of clouds. My corner of England is forecast rain later today. I haven’t decided whether I should return my library books or wait another day. I suspect in either case it will rain. Hello November! The perfect day for ‘November Skies’ (by the Danish artist Tomas Barfod). I LOVE this song (listen till the lady starts singing before deciding whether you’ll like it or not – there’s something about the layers of sound – it makes me feel like I’m snuggled up inside where it’s warm while the rain lashes the windows. Lovely!

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Singing A Songwriter…

October 20th, 2013 Comments off

Cari’s addendum: A big thanks to all of you who listened to my brother’s song! The contest closed Nov. 9th. He started the contest a month in, but still manged to get 2189 points which I think was brilliant. Who knows what may or may not happen next, but he got lots of lovely feed back so I’m hoping it inspires him to keep writing music and playing his guitar. If you’re curious to hear him there’s a link below. 🙂

My little brother Jason has entered a singer/songwriter contest on line (with a seriously great prize – which I of course think he deserves – though I am admittedly biased). The first round is judged solely by how many different people listen to the whole song. He only discovered the contest a month in so he’s got a lot of catching up to do. Have a listen and tell me if you think I’m crazy! This is Jason with his guitar (he’s self taught) playing and singing his own songs. I rocked him as a baby for countless hours playing (and singing) Elton John songs hoping it would influence his taste in music, but it didn’t work!

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A Contest for Jane Austen Fans…winners chosen!

September 30th, 2013 2 comments

Sadly, the contest is over and the winners chosen (the necklace won by Coleen, the Scarf by someone known as Jo’s Daughter, and the ring was won by Heather). Congratulations to all the winners! The contest centered around the 1995 BBC version of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice (the one with Colin Firth as Darcy). The singer-songwriter Jasmine Kyle (a devoted Janeite) wrote a song inspired by the movie and wanted to share it…ie give it away to other Janeites. It’s too late to enter, but you can still…Download a free copy of Jasmine Kyle’s song “Dear Jane”.

Three lucky people won (along with an autographed album) one of these…(one prize per person)…

The ring! Sadly it won't come in the box.

The replica Jane Austen ring! Sadly it won't come with the box (or with magic powers that will zap you back in time). You will have to imagine up that adventure...I see a sensible Regency hero agonising in the jewelry shop wondering what to buy his sweetheart. Oh, what to get that says I think you're wonderful without even the slightest suggestion that the lady might do anything least not in public...and certainly not until after his proposal...

Read more…

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