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Everything comes back to the Regency…even whelks…

September 16th, 2009 Comments off
A picture I found on the web of a whelk

A picture I found on the web of a whelk

After finishing the newspaper I tried to watch a movie, but I couldn’t concentrate. I turned off the movie and picked up the book off the top my pile of newly acquired second hand paperbacks and decided to try to read ‘A History of the English Church and People’ by Bede. Note the word try. The book was completed in 731. That’s not a typo…it was written centuries before William the Conqueror arived to savage England. It may not be boring, but it’s not sold as a page turner! I made it to the end of the first page. Bede, begins by telling the reader about Britain. Where it is, how large it is and what sort of animals can be found here etc. I was starting to fall asleep until I read, “There are also many varieties of shell-fish, such as mussels, in which are often found excellent pearls of several colours, red, purple, violet, and green, but mainly white.” (Have you ever heard of green or violet pearls? I haven’t. I made a mental note to look it up and continued…) “Whelks are abundant, and a beautiful scarlet dye is extracted from them which remains unfaded by sunshine or rain; indeed, the older the cloth, the more beautiful the colour.” Wondering what a whelk was, I looked it up in my encyclopaedia… Read more…

Do you think he looks like Strathmore or Lyndhurst?

February 4th, 2009 6 comments

If you’ve read my free story Lucky in Love and you enjoyed The Duke of Strathmore or my other stories with his cousin The Duke of Lyndhurst you might find this interesting. I thought I’d watch a Miss Marple mystery while eating my dinner (I worked all day on Dancing the Maypole…I’m nearly done with chapter 14). So I went onto Youtube and realised I couldn’t remember how The Moving Finger ended so I clicked on the new version of it with Geraldine McEwan. If like me you’re a die hard Joan Hickson as Miss Marple fan the new versions aren’t as good, but they’re not bad.

It started and after awhile I realised I knew the face of the man playing the narator. If you’ve never heard of James D’arcy he’s a really good English actor. Read more…