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Moments from a windy walk…

October 3rd, 2012

This afternoon I looked out the window at the windy sunshine and decided I had to take my camera for a walk. I forgot to grab my music so I listened to the wind rushing through the trees. Clumps of small fluffy clouds meant it was a hit and miss. On seeing a shot I had seconds to turn on the camera and focus… I managed to catch a few (when my camera strap wasn’t blocking the viewfinder). Lately I’ve been reading Haiku (and trying to live more in the moment ie Cari-ku) so I wrote a little poem about each shot. If one of the pictures inspires a different haiku or poem feel free to share it in a comment…

Tractor Track puddle
Rippled by October wind
Who will glean the wheat?

Almost yellow not
Quite how I landed here I
Will never know you

Paint my lips rose-hip
Red like Monroe’s fingernails
Cutting a tart tongue

Moss? Insipid Word!
Naked winter trees will lift
Bejeweled boughs

leaping high I whirled
Exhilarating descent
To rest in the light

Medieval heart
Bind-weed tight
Never to let go
Even if it chokes

Yellow-green heart binds
An infant fairy forming
Wings not yet unfurled

Stray sunlight falls deep
On yellowing dog rose leaves
Gracefully dying

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