Reader Interactions


  1. Victoria says

    The last photo was the cutest. Happy Aniversary goblin and cari you both look like two truant school kids cutting class. May you have many more and thanks for sharing with us I do so enjoy your photos and comments.

  2. Cari says

    Thank you! We had a lovely anniversary week. I think we’re probably a little too much like truant school kids. Being grownup is so weird! Not that I’m complaining. Every now and then I’ll have one of those awful dreams where I’m back in high school and I can’t remember which class I’m supposed to be in or the combination for my locker and I’m late (a little too real for comfort) and I wake up and sigh in relief…that nightmare is over…unless I go back to University…just to torture myself…maybe I’ll just keep writing romances. (At least that logic professor I had who thought I was an imbecile must be dead by now…I’m sure he passed me just so he wouldn’t have to see me again! He’d make a good villain!!!!)