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Interviewed by Romance Magicians…

March 19th, 2014

I’ve been interview by the Romance Magicians! They don’t do tricks – they’re romance writers!

I came across the website back in 2009 and was enchanted by all the different personalities (they’re actually a Southern chapter of Romance Writers of America). It’s a lovely mix of published and waiting to be published writers who take turns writing blog posts and sharing their experiences and knowledge or latest novels. There are several Regency authors (Katherine Bone’s books are always full of pirates if they float your boat – she’s a very good writer though not PG). There’s some fantasy authors and others who cover all sorts of modern romance genres. About this time last year when my malfunctioning thyroid made it impossible to think let alone write I decided to read outside my usual genres. Carla Swafford, a Romance Magician, announced she was releasing a book so I went to have a look and ended up reading second book in her erotica series, Circle of Danger. It’s dark…daaarrrrk! The word erotica normally puts me off a romance, but I loved the hero from the first paragraph. Check out the writers of Romance Magicians! You might find some treasure!

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    Aww! Thanks, Cari! Glad to have you visit us and look forward to hearing from you for years to come.

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