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  1. victoria says

    aaaaah I just love it. maybe it was a pregnant worm and died there. go for it, bother your brother-in-law to have the fossil-man take a look at it. Tell them it’s all in the name of science, no forget that, they may come up and say it’s the so called missing link. this beach is going on my bucket list. Thank you Cari love the rock-fossils

  2. Cari says

    Hello Victoria! I’d definitely add this beach to the bucket list. When you get there, there’s a great fish and chip shop in the village (the blue one) and then there’s the ice cream hut near the boat pond…it’s a really lovely little place. And I think you may be right about my rock-pregnant worm thingy…I’ll let you know how my attempt to help science turns out!

  3. Nancy Hahn says

    I have the feeling that we are kindred spirits. I have a box of rocks that I have collected over a long period of time, that are not really of any value,but are interesting to me. I once created a koi pond and it took me over a year to collect the rocks to line the edge because they had to be just right….they had to have the essence of a great rock! LOL Drove my hubby crazy. We moved after that but he was completely unwilling to relocate the pond, so it remained in it’s perfection to continue adorning the yard we left behind! But there are many more rocks to find~! I enjoy both your stories and your blog!

  4. Cari says

    @Nancy Hahn
    I don’t know if I’ve always been a rock-chick (as a child I had a collection of broken bits of glass I’d found on the ground – I thought they were pretty), but I love stone now. Your lost pond sounds lovely. Yes, I know that feeling…it has to feel right…or it’s wrong! This spills over into most aspects of my life. Getting dressed is the worse for me…somewhere in my brain every morning I want/need to reinact Pretty in Pink…(the part where she’s getting dressed with a cool soundtrack in the background) only I don’t have the wardrobe (I need to lose weight so I can fit into cute funky clothes) so if I’m going out and want to look nice I often end up wanting to scream. I’ve had hysterics on several occasions which always unnerves my Goblin as he doesn’t get it… “Just put something on, what’s the big deal?” my reply, “I haaaate my clothes!” He just rolls his eyes. I did find a pair of linen trousers a couple weeks ago that were perfect except I needed to shorten the legs. I finally got round to it Saturday so I put them on and found I’d lost weight and now they need a belt. At least they’re the right colour and fabric and I know I’m less fat then I was two weeks ago. That’s a bonus.

    Life is weird, and I love it that way! 🙂