Reader Interactions


  1. Charity says

    Bravo to the fairy! This fairy would like to go to a ball, but alas the slave driving children have lured her into the dungeon with promises of new clothes and cute shoes.

    There she waits for her handsome prince to come and rescue her, but he’s out scratching away with parchment & quill and has completely forgotten his fairy in the dungeon (who is now watching through her bars as the children dance around scattering food and dishes over her newly cleaned cottage).


    Perhaps someday soon.

  2. Cari says

    That is the result of going to the fairy-ball! You danced with an adorable Goblin and then agreed to be his fairy forever. Soon little fairies and goblins came along and suddenly the tranquility of the forest was rent with screams of…”Are we eating that again? I hate spider soup!” Hopefully your Goblin will soon come release you…if only for an hour!!! If you’re really lucky he may cast a spell on the smashed crockery and have it magically leap into the trash. If they’ve broken all the plates there’s always the medieval option…the bread plate…then you could say, “Eat your plate!” I quite like that idea (but then I’m evil) Or the Heidi option…a wooden bowl to drink and eat out of. Then you could say, “Drink your gruel!” Knowing your children they’d probably reply, “Don’t be cruel!” 🙂 This is why our Fairy Godmother sent the fairies and goblins to you…she knew they wouldn’t be tortured with stupid stories about how medieval children always had to wait to eat last…after the grown ups were finished. :>
    He he he…

  3. Victoria says

    add a frozen stick of ice to the bread bowel meal and you get to wash your hands and after it melts down a little bit, you also have your drink. P.S. I’ve always wanted to know if a bread bowel is where they served “oat-stir around”in some medival stories I have read or if it’s just fiction.anybody know?

  4. Cari says

    Victoria…I like that! The frozen drink/hand wash in one! Excellent idea!

    I’ve never actually read about bread bowls or bowls made out of bread. (I mispelled it bread bowel). I know the trenchers, or plates of hard bread, were often fed to the poor afterwards. I guess that’s one way to clear up. I hear a song coming on, “Don’t come begging at my castle door…you’ll get some bread I’ve used before!” The poor toothless beggars would have had to soak the bread in a nearby ditch for half an hour before they could gum it down. Some medieval people must have had lives like a bad Monty Python sketch that replayed over and over until they died of malnutrition or cold. I’m dead curious about these bread bowls though…maybe sometimes they made trenchers shaped like bowls? That would make sense. Bread bowls would have been cleaner than wooden bowls…hopefully…if they stacked the newly backed dishes out of reach of mice and rats…yum!

  5. Cari says

    It makes me cringe, the thought of mice pooing in the flour…and then it being made into bread…for the King! Some things act as equalisers in life; mice and rats happen to be two of them! Pests! I read in this old Book on English ways…that mice hate the smell of peppermint and that they avoid it. I need to get some more peppermint oil for my kitchen and do a proper experiment…on the plus side…it smells good!

  6. charity says

    lol what are you saying? that you have a mice infestation in your kitchen?

    That is interesting though. I can see me spraying peppermint oil all over our garage as the neighbor kids watch and whisper about the crazy lady living on their street.

  7. Cari says

    Yes, we have pesky mice a la kitchen. The house is originally late Victorian though the interior isn’t. There must be any number of cracks and holes under the kitchen units where they can come and go. They know we can’t kill them and we can’t have a cat as they’re not allowed under the rental agreement. I’ve had mice come out and stare at me..taunting me with their cuteness. We tried catching them…using humane traps (with the intention of carrying them away and leaving them far down the road) we spent 15£ buying these two little plastic traps. You put the chocolate in one end…they go in, the flap falls they can’t get out. Wrongo! The mice went in…ate the chocolate…pooped …and left without ado! The same thing happened when we tried to trap them in a rubbish bin. Clivey set it all up and made a little walk way so they’d get up on the little table…go through the ballanced paper tube with chocolate at the end over the bin…they ate the chocolate…fell in the bin…pooped…and jumped out. Pepermint oil here we come!!!